Who We Are

With over 75 years of combined professional accounting experience, YourCFO provides expert, customized solutions to address our clients’ needs. We are passionate about the community we serve and the work we do, and we pride ourselves on our client-centered ethic that produces long-standing, quality results.


What Sets Us Apart

  • We don’t require our clients to sign a long-term contract.
  • We charge fees based on an hourly rate, so you only pay for the time we spend on your work.
  • We keep our overhead costs low and pass those savings on to you with affordable rates.
  • We take time to get know you and assess your organization’s needs.
  • We work on-site or remotely, or a combination of both; whatever works best for you.
  • We utilize your current resources and maximize efficiencies to save you time and money.
  • We enable you to think strategically, to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • We support your accounting needs, but you retain control of your accounting system.
  • We stand by our reputation: 95% of our clients come from referrals.
  • We forge strong, supportive partnerships with your company management.
  • We facilitate finance-related communication between CEOs, directors, and program staff.
  • We serve as your trusted advisor.
  • We offer guidance in accounting and other business matters.
  • We educate our clients. We’ll spend one-on-one time with your CEO and directors to ensure that they have a firm understanding of your organization’s financials and can communicate that information with confidence and ease.

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

We recently went through a rebranding effort at yourCFO and this is the story behind the logo. If you look at the bottom right quadrant of the icon you see an empty box, which signifies an information void.  Looking at the bottom left quadrant of the icon is a green box with slashes, which signifies ‘interruption’ and ‘inconsistencies’ in the green (cash flows, profits, ‘success’).  What you see in the top left quadrant, is that the empty box is now filled with information (reporting) and the top right box is now pure green, with no interruptions. So, yourCFO moves you from bottom quadrant where there are voids and inconsistencies in your financial information to the top quadrants where you have clear reporting you can understand.

Now take a look at yourCFO. The “your” is in a font that reflects a more customized relationship and the “CFO” is in a bold strong font like a CFO position in a company.



Two hands holding jigsaw puzzle pieces and putting them together