Non-profit Services

Non-profit Services

In order to meet audit, internal control, and reporting standards, non-profit financial management requires an expert command of accounting. YourCFO provides just that: comprehensive financial services backed by a working knowledge of the non-profit world. About 50% of our clients are non-profits, and we love working with these organizations to increase efficiency, cut costs, and maximize resources. By putting in place a strong financial management structure and system of support, we take the stress out of accounting and free you up to fulfill your mission.

+ Audit Preparation and Coordination

+ Customized Financial Dashboards and Reporting Packages

+ Grant, Contract, and Program Tracking

+ Reporting by Fund and Program

+ Budgeting by Fund and Program

+ Participation in Finance Committee Meetings

+ Presentation of Financials at Board Meetings

+ Development of Financial Policies and Procedures

+ Implementation of Internal Controls

+ Administration of Personnel and Benefits Allocations

+ Contract Invoicing (County/City)

+ Cash Management and Forecasting

+ Overhead Allocations

+ Revenue Recognition

Is This You?

  • We need customized, easy-to-read financials for our board of directors.
  • Our bookkeeper doesn’t have non-profit accounting experience.
  • We don’t know how to track expenses to funds and contracts.
  • We’re not clear on the best way to allocate overhead.
  • We don’t know our restricted funds balances.
  • We don’t know when our funding will be depleted.
  • Our executive director is fantastic, but he/she doesn’t have an accounting background.
  • We don’t have enough staff to ensure proper controls.
  • We don’t know if our programs are profitable.
  • Our audit had deficiencies and material weaknesses, and we need to address them.
  • We need budgeting support to create cash reserves.
  • We’re not getting timely financial statements, and when we do, we don’t know if they’re accurate.
  • We don’t understand the reports we’re receiving; they aren’t meaningful.
  • We don’t feel we have enough financial controls in place.

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